What to Do If Your Girlfriend Is Richer Than You?

rich girlfriend

If you are feeling low because your girlfriend’s account balance has a few extra figures over yours, then there’s something with the you too being in a relationship. But if this is something that you don’t want to deal, finding another partner may not be the solution. According to Time, in the next generation, the majority of working wives will out-earn their male counterparts. What’s even more interesting/appalling are the earnings of the unmarried women in their 20s that far supersede those of their male peers. The Business Week who covered the story also said that, on average, women below 30s make more money than their male counterparts in all cities of the U.S., except for the largest three.

If asked, most men will tell you that they prefer to earn more than their partners. But if there are ladies out there who are reading this right now, let me tell you that not all men want to earn more than you to suppress you or to keep the earning power to themselves; in fact, most men out there, good ones, simply want to provide a better sustenance and living to you.

Most men don’t realize that they are a major reason for all the differences and problems that their relationship has to face when their partner’s income starts to bite them off. if your woman boasts about her wealth or tries to dishonor you as a low-earning partner, then you definitely need to move on. But if it’s not her but you who has issues with her income, then you really need to think how to really work it out.

Wrong expectations at the beginning of the relationship are haunting you

All those dates that you hardly afforded, all the gifts that you bought for her through your credit cards, and all the fancy meals that you had together, it’s probably the reason she believes she has the entitlement. But remember that you can’t just really blame each other for this. AS lot of women nowadays want their men to “prove” their love to them before they can actually start going out.

But remember that these are the kind of women that you need to stay away from. If a woman measures your manliness based on the size of your wallet, then she is not the one.

You set the rule that the size of the wallet will determine who holds the right to lead Maybe she wasn’t always earning more than you. If you had been intimidating because of the size of your wallet, you were probably giving her the wrong signals. So when she starts earning more than you, she starts believing that she has the lead now.

You are selfish

Many men freak out even at the slightest possibility of their wives earning more and there is a sinister reason to it. These men won’t do the job sharing because they know it would disrupt their power and they won’t carry their partner along if they make more money. So when their wives start earning more, they know that they won’t be enjoying the benefits of more income, but may only lose their power.

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